Meet the Neanderthals

We all have some Neanderthal in our genes, it transpires. The only current humans without a trace of these interesting ancestors are people from Africa whose distant relatives have never left the continent of Africa or mixed with incomers. So that is nearly all of us, From China to Australia.


“Even more interesting, genetic testing has shown these fascinating people were red haired and pale skinned … sounding wonderfully Celtic to my unscientific brain. And that might have started it really. I saw the reconstructed models and was hooked. I want to find these people. Meet them face to face. The canvasses came out and I let my brushes fly back through the thousands of years.

I have been told these paintings are a bit scary, and I have to agree they are. Challenging might be a better word. But I never intended them to be pretty. They are not for the faint hearted. But I am enjoying the process of looking for our ancestors. I never believed the Neanderthals to be unintelligent. It was just a long time ago. I want to imagine them and their lives.

Hence a departure from my traditionally tranquil faces … thinly drawn smiles, glances, a search for beauty, my unpainted ladies of bare canvas on a painted ground … these Neanderthals are thickly applied, colourful, vibrant, staring us and each other in the face. I am rather enjoying myself. I am not expecting you to like them.”


Meeting_Neanderthal 3.jpg

Four Seasons

The four seasons of woman, not by colour but by emotion, maturity, love, life and pain


Spring: she breaks just like a little girl … but she looks like a quick learner


Summer: girl, no pearl, a little flushed in the cheek … either contemplating bed or just indulged I think


Autumn: the crying game … maybe no stranger to a breaken heart … or possibly the heartbreaker


Winter: the ice queen has been around the emotional block a few times … I wouldn’t mess with this one