Working primarily in oils and acrylics, the canvasses are all rooted in real subject matter but have an air of abstraction. Fascinated by the structure of both faces and flowers, Avenda tends to paint big and bold, looking for light and shape, line and focus.

Anna Meyer


Homages and grafts from Schiele and Klimt continue a conversation already left hanging in the artistic air … and propose a dialogue with painters who will surely follow.

These portraits free the real sitters of Holbein, Vermeer and Klimt from the constraints of corsets and convention. It’s 2017 and women will no longer be compelled to be beautiful for their audience; only for themselves, and on their own terms.

So what might these sitters have been thinking? Avenda seeks to give them a modern voice. The corset is off, and it is not going back on. “One is bigger than the other, get over it.” “That’s the last time I’m going to wax my upper lip, get over it.” ”This studio is freezing and I’m not even getting the minimum wage.” “No idea what I can make for supper.”

Lady With Blue Hat

Anne of Cleves

Lady With White Coif